The aircraft is in the standard version equipped with four-cylinder engine ROTAX 912 UL (80 HP) or with ROTAX 912 ULS (100 HP).

The variability of the engine compartment allows an alternative propulsion engines ROTAX 914 TURBO (116HP), BMW R 1100 or Alfa-T.


  • The engine is placed in the pulling configuration in an engine bed dimmed with silentblocks. It is mounted on a strengthened part of the firewall in the front of the fuselage. Two-piece of fiberglass engine covers implementation allows easy inspection and maintenance.



  • Fuel tanks
  • Integral fuel tanks with a capacity of 2x45 liters are located in both wings. They are riveting and adhesive bonding of aluminum alloy sheets. Each tank has a vent, dirt separator, fuel metering system and fuel filter in the output valve. On request can be placed tanks with lockable lids.


  • Components of the fuel system
  • A part of the fuel system in the fuselage is a three-way fuel valve, and in the engine compartment a fine fuel filter.